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rick: from the hauls of monta zoom a. this is up for action. most americans are familiar with the statue standing in arlington, virginia, the iconic image of the raising of the flag. there is also a smaller one, the one you see here is 12.5 feet tall, created soon off the war, it's expected to fetch $2 million when it goes up on the block. alisyn: time to bath on down the hatches for the storm. rick: get ready. "happening now" starts right n now. >> reporter: we begin with fox news alert on a massive manhunt for a form police officer accused of killing three people. right now authorities focusing their search for christopher dorner on a cold and snowy mountain east of los angeles. we are told that is where his
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burned out truck was just found yesterday. so far there is no trace of of him, though. he's the man who has threatened to bring warfare to the los angeles police department. he also has already gone on a bit of a rampage. police say he killed a policeman, also killed two soon to be newlyweds after writing a manifesto vowing to attack police and their families, naming targets he blames for getting him kicked out of the lapd years ago. we are going to have a live report from california minutes from now. brand-new stories and breaking news. jon: the northeast preparing for what could be a record-breaking winter storm. we are talking about more than two feet of snow in some places. we have fox team coverage. the family of a high profile college football recruit torn apart over which school he will attend. now the mother is getting help from a famous law firm. and giving new meaning to a door-buster sale, an out of
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control car, the amazing video to show you just ahead. it's all "happening now." and good morning to you, what a way to start a friday. jenna: absolutely. jon: i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we begin with the monster storm bearing down on the northeast. that i can a look at the map right there. snow is falling in parts of new york and new jersey and when it's all said and done up to three feet of snow could fall from pennsylvania to maine. boston will likely get the worst of it as the storm threatens to bring conditions like nothing that city has really ever seen, believe it or not. blizzard, winter storm and coastal flood warnings are in effect this morning as 10 million people brace for the onslaught. grocery stores and gas stations are seeing long lines of customers stocking up in case of power outages. this storm is already causing a lot of havoc on travel plans across this country and event
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nationally, in fact about 3,000 flights, 3,000 have already been canceled, and we haven't seen the worst of it. meteorologist janice dean is out -- we thought maybe she was out, but maybe she told them, no-no, it's too cold outside. rick outside. jon: she is wearing or camouflage dress. jenna: i thought you were going to be outside. apparently i was wrong. >> reporter: i'm go outside if you need me that. i am well prepared. this weather machine has got her parka. so certainly you've got to be prepared. my husband was in line last night getting the gas. the important thing to remember is a lot of the northeast went through hurricane sandy, so we know what it's like to be without power for weeks, and we know what it's like to, you know, have a cold home, and unfortunately we're going to be dealing with power outages with temperatures, or windchills in the single digits to below zero. that is the problem here is a lot of areas that are vulnerable from hurricane sandy are going to deal with storm surge. some of these natural barriers
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are gone, so we are going to see coastal flooding all along long island sound, southern connecticut, new jersey. so people are scared. people are scared, because this is going to be a big storm event. we are actually witnessing right now these two storms coming together. this clipper system from canada and this coastal low that is starting to develop and that is going to bring our blockbuster storm. the worst of the storm, the worst of the wind, the worst of the snow is going to happen overnight tonight as this thing cranks up. we are just starting to staoe thsee the beginnings of a storm system. where you see the pink shaded areas we will see over 12 inches likely with gusts over 30 miles an hour. 23million people are under a blizzard warning, including five bureaus of new york city and new brunswick in maine. in the area shaded where we see the yellow circle here locally two feet or more. in some cases we could see three feet of snow.
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this could be an historic storm. taking a look at the break down, new york city 6 to 12 inches. shy of that line of 12 to 18 inches, we could get over that. south of new york city we'll see the mix of rain and sleet andsno down. north and west of new york is where we're seeing the heavier numbers. again over 2 feet, maybe over 3 feet west of boston, that would be historic, they've never seen something like that. of course that is why all eyes are on the northeast, people are nervous, because of hurricane sandy, just a few months ago, and the ripple affect from the airlines, thousands of flights have been already canceled. jenna: i believe you, i actually don't even need to see you outside for the rest of the day. we believe you. >> reporter: i'm ready. jenna: we'll be back to you short enough jd thank you so much. jon: janice in the big-hooded par parka. this fox news alert. a search out west for a heavily
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armed cop turned killer. the search focussess on the noee mountains of big bear lake. police found his burned out pickup truck. a police spokesman says they do not know what dorner will do next but they know what he's capable of and they need to find him quickly. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with more on this very tense search. william. >> reporter: well, jon, we believe this is the largest manhunt in lapd history. the irony of course the fugitive was one of their own who was fired for lying about another officer, and now he is targeting his former colleagues with revenge. as you said the focus is 80 miles east of los angeles in the ski resort of big bear. it is very cold, the weather is deteriorating there right now. for the last 24 hours it's been in lockdown. the schools are closed, the slopes are open but there have been 120 law enforcement there on foot, in helicopters, with thermal cameras basically looking for this guy. we don't know if he is hiding
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somewhere, maybe in one of these vacation cabins, that is not known, or if he's long gone in another vehicle. >> i can't tell you whether he's here or not because i don't know at this point. but we are assuming that he's still in the area because we're continuing to look, and until we find some other information we'll continue our search. >> reporter: dorner is ex-l.a.p.d. and naval intelligence, he's well armed, well-trained, and he is now taking his vengeance out on his former colleagues and their families. it was sunday that he killed the daughter of his lawyer who represented him against the lapd, that was monica quan. then he shot two lapd officers who were assigned to protect one of his targets. and 20 minutes later he indiscriminately blasted two riverside officers killing one 11-year veteran. people might wonder why did this guy snap? he was discharged by the naval reserve after being passed over
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for promotion one week ago today. the source of his anger dates back to 2007 when he lied about another officer e. claimed that she had kicked a suspect while he was handcuffed, that was looked at by a review board, as well as a court, it was appealed, each time it was rejected and he lost. the bottom line is, this guy is your worst nightmare. he knows what he's doing, he knows what the cops are doing, he's well-trained, he's an excellent marksman in pistol as well as rifle. he tph-s nohe knows not to use his cellphone or credit cards, those sorts of things. where he pops up next we don't know. right now in terms of big bear they have shown up with no clues. they don't know if that was a diversion if you will with the car or it could have been a trap, we just don't know. jon: he also said he will not be taken alive. >> reporter: very good point. jon: william la jeunesse thank you. jenna: let's bring in a former nypd r-r detective and risk consultant.
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you were nodding when he said this is your worst nightmare. >> he's an investigator's nightmare. he can counter all the investigative moves. he knows -- it's almost like a c her, ss game. he can block, identify, predict. i mean that is really the downside here. you have somebody who knows the playbook. and he's very methodical, he's well-trained as we know. all of that is established and it's going to be very difficult because he's not going to make the traditional mistakes, no credit cards, no he's eye passes, no atm, no cellphone calls that is a given. what he possibly didn't count on is that it's 2013, it's not 1993. the whole world is connected. twitter, social media, iphone, smart tpoerpbgs internet, s phones, internet. he has millions of sets of eyes looking for him, not just cops, millions. jenna: what does your gut tell you do you think he's still alive at this pint. >> i believe he's still alive. he crafted a mistere plan over the last four years. jenna: you think this is years in the making rather than just a
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few weeks? >> all the evidence suggests that. there is a focus, there is a methodology here. jenna: this must be pretty personal for you to hear about as a former nypd r-r yo nypd. your brother is out there in lapd, how does that feel for you. >> it's a horror show. he's the one that turned, he's the rogue and he can use all the training, all his naval and police training against his brothers and that is the worst. jenna: where do you start here? everyone is still around bear mountain at this point. there is a big question about whether or not he's still in the area. >> correct. jenna: what do you do at this point? it's been a week in the making. the manifesto went out last tphurs thursday, then we saw the murder stafrplt even though it's gained momentum in the national press over the last 48 hours this has been developing over the last week. >> a series of trip wires have been put in place as you can see by all the police agencies and federal and state agencies.
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what i'd like to see and i think it's an excellent, excellent tripwire is instances where his image is conveyed on the billboard, all the traditional signages down. it's all about conveying his image and he's wanted to everyone who is out there, all those sets of eyes. that's how it's got to work that way. jenna: someone like this who had a list and all these targets, when you look at a profile like that are they typically the folks that will run and go, you know, several states away, or do they double back because they have -- they have their goals in mind, what is their typical habit. >> that is a great question. i think it's been demonstrated in part by the fact that he went, despite having committed the murders he went after another target even though he was being protected. that is the stuff out of b movies. you never see the killer double back to the traditional target once he knows the police are on him. he's an exceedingly dangerous and wiley character. jenna: pat nice to have your thoughts on the set with us today.
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maybe he's on the west coast still. at this point he really could be anywhere. >> he's committed to becoming invisible. tphoeupbt vincible. invisible. jenna: and so far right now. >> he's been successful. jenna: pat nice to have you, jon. rick: you might know this guy from the hit movie baby, turns out that actor james cromwell is in hot whats for protesting at a major university. we'll tell you what is going on there next. president obama says he doesn't believe the government has a spending problem. what do americans think about that? we have the results of a brand-new fox poll next, plus speaking of the economy we have ben stein in the hot seat coming up answering your questions about the nation's financial future. you can send them to us at twitter@"happening now." for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw...
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>> off screen action for james cromwell. he was busted at the university of wisconsin for disrupting a board meeting where he was protesting animal testing. jon: "happening now" president obama says he does not believe the federal government has a spending problem. according to a brand-new fox news poll 83% of registered voters advertise disagree with the president on that. just 14% agree. let's talk about it with joe trippi a former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news contributor. we are getting ready for the
8:18 am
state of the union next week, joe, and this looks like a pretty gloomy electorate out there, would you agree? >> certainly. i think everybody still feels that the economy is just barely moving in a positive direction, a lot of people not even sure that's what is going on. i think -- as bad as things are people do think they are better, that's what su niced the presidensufficed the president throughout the last four years. jon: as a country i think you have to disagree with that assessment. when asked whether this country was stronger today than it was five years ago 48% of americans responding to this poll say, we are weaker and less powerful. only 24% say stronger and more powerful. what does that tell you, joe? >> you know what is amazing to me when i looked at those numbers, jon, is how they mimic exactly what happened in the
8:19 am
presidential election. about 48% supported romney, and the bulk of republicans think we are weaker, independents in that poll answered this question 50-50, and democrats thought we were much stronger or the same as we were when the president took office. so you look at we are much stronger, or we are the same, and it's 51, which is the people who voted for obama, and the 48% who think we are weaker tend to be, when you look at those demographics the same people who voted for romney. we are just as polarized today as we were not so long ago, a few months ago in november. it's the same exact story right now when people look at how they perceive the strength of the united states it splits along romney-obama lines. jon: when they perceive or look into the future at pocketbook issues they are also a little bit pessimistic when. asked if tax less go up on middle class americans this
8:20 am
year, 68% said they think, yes, that taxes are going to go up. if that is the case, i mean economic activity can't be helped by that, is it, joe? >> well, no, but they are right, jon. i mean when you look at it the payroll tax that was pulled off as a way to give people a little bit more money in their pocketbooks, to buy things, and to get the kids to school, and put gas in the car, that came off. so the payroll tax is back on, and that affects everybody. i know we talked a lot during the tax issues about the upper 2%, but average americans are going to be hit by putting some of the tax breaks back on -- i mean taking them off that were on, that has happened. people are already going to start feeling that one. so i think that poll sort of reflects reality. jon: kind of interesting too, he defeated hillary clinton in the race for the nomination, four or
8:21 am
five years ago and these days according to the polls she is more popular than the president is. does that surprise you, joe? >> no. i think, look, you know the buck stops with the president. anything anybody is upset about in foreign policy, or domestic policy or taxes or spending, even though there are other people in the administration that are going to take the hit for it or some of the blame should go to congress the president is going to take that hit with the voting public. did not cost him re-election, but it doesn't surprise me that someone like hillary clinton, who has now gone to retirement, and, you know, the blow of that already is there for her, was there for her before she left, i'm not surprised at all by that, jon. jon: it's my understanding you're in key west today, is that right? >> yes, i am. jon: take off your necktie, man. >> i came out of vacation to be with you guys, and i'm sorry for the snow that is coming your
8:22 am
way. jon: we appreciate you showing up for work, playing with pain. while we're getting a blizzard joe trippi is down in key west with a necktie on, his self be imposed torture. thank you so much. jenna: he showed up as you point out and he did apologize for being there, and we accept. jon: always count on joe. jenna: we certainly do. her run in with the law made national news, and now a florida teen who found out the hard way that you shouldn't flip off a judge will be back in court. yikes, not a good move. plus a new line in the sand from iran. the country's supreme leader saying no to direct talks with the united states under any circumstances. why now? and a look at what is next, ahead.
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jon: parents teach your children some manners because right now an 18-year-old florida woman who made headlines after flipping off a judge during her arraignment, she is expected back in court today. patti ann brown is following this story for us -- let's start again. pathee ann brown is in the newsroom. take it away. >> reporter: i'm save you. thank you. the video went viral after an 18-year-old woman mouthed off at a judge in florida. penelope soto laughed during her court appearance. when the judge said bye-bye her response was to laugh and say adios. the judge called that disrespectful and called her back and doubled her bond from a 5,000 to $10,000. soto responded, are you serious? as she walks away she flipped the judge her middle finger and said blank you. you can fill in the blank. she was called back again and
8:27 am
the judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for contempt in court. she was back in court on wednesday before a different judge. soto did not laugh or smile and that judge reset her bond at $5,000 but she still has to serve the 30-day sentence. her supporters have started a facebook page and twitter feed and this afternoon soto is expected to apologize. her attorney will also ask that judge to reduce soto's stkepbs. so we will see if he buys her apology, jon. jon: any four letter words in the tag on that twitter feed? i'm just curious. >> reporter: she does have her supporters, it's interesting. jon: why, some of these folks always do. thanks. jenna: new questions now on the way forward in our showdown with iran after what's been quite a week, really in the news. iran's president ahmadinejad coming off a historic visit to egypt, the first diplomatic visit of its kind in more than 30 years.
8:28 am
in the meantime this week the united states introducing some new sanctions against iranian companies to try and force iran back to the bargaining table over its nuclear program. talks were set to begin again at the end of this month. however, iran's supreme leader flat out rejecting direct talks with the united states, saying direct talks won't solve any problems. mark dubowitz the executive director for defense of democracies, that story we just told about the girl flipping off the judge, it's sort of a weird met a for if you will to a rogue nation really not playing any nice with the united states. why now does the ayatollah come out and say, i'm not talking, i don't know what you guys are thinking, but we're not talking. >> they definitely flipped america the persian bird. he is absolutely not committed to negotiations and american diplomacy has consisted of three decades of essentially one word and that word is hi, hi, we're
8:29 am
ready to talk, we're ready to negotiate, we're ready to settle this big misunderstanding. they are not interested in talking, they see the american touch as toxic to the islamic revolution. jenna: we keep and hearing from this administration. joe biden said it last weekend we are not interested in having an exercise of a talk just showing up and saying hello if you will, but there is still time, there is still time for diplomacy, time to work this out. what are your thoughts on that? >> there is time, we've been talking to the iranians for ten years and in the process they've been building their nuclear weapons capability and we've done some estimates that suggest by july 2014 the iranians would have reached the stage of critical capability where they can assemble of bomb's worth of records grade uranium without western intelligence services or the than international atomic agency being able to detect that iranian break out. we are running out of time. iranian physics is beating western economic pressure. jenna: how good is our intelligence now. >> our intelligence is pretty g.
8:30 am
the problem is by the time we reach about july 2014 the iranians will be able to break out in ten to 14 days so they'll be able to break down in between visits by the iaea and at that point that break out time is so quick that we won't be able to respond with military pressure or any other kind of coercive instrument. jenna: we thought it was interesting to take a step back after seeing the visit to egypt by jude r-r this wee mahmoud ahmadinejad this week and seeing the comments from the ayatollah. you're deeply involved in the subject matter, mark. when you see a week like this what is the big take away for the american people, what should we really take away from this week in international news from iran. >> we are heading for a major confrontation with this iranian regime. the administration has tried diplomacy, sanctions, cyber attacks, there have been assassinations of iranian nuclear physicists reportedly by the israelis, we've really tried everything to avoid military conflict but iran keeps moving forward and iran, this supreme
8:31 am
leader seems deeply committed to building a nuclear weapon. i'm afraid that within the coming months we may face military confrontation. jenna: great to see you as always. thank you. >> thanks, appreciate it. jon: we are continuing to follow an extremely dangerous situation in california as one of the biggest manhunt tph-s that state's history is underway right now for fugitive excop, naval reserve officer and now suspected cop killer. the very latest on the search next. plus, critics taking aim at president obama over his approach to the war on terror. ironically the same issue then senator obama railed about against president george w. bush in the lead up to his 2008 white house win. an in-depth look in a live report. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow.
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jon: a fox news alert. breaking news really on two of other top stories. a massive search going on in california for a former cop turned murderer. police are looking for christopher dorner. they're focusing around the snowy mountains around big bear lake. he dorner is wanted for killing a pair of police officers and soon to be married newly wods. this happened after dorner wrote a manifesto talking about seeking revenge for those he blamed getting him kicked out of the l.a.p.d. years ago.
8:36 am
the know is -- snow is falling in parts of the northeast. a beginning of a blizzard forecasters say could be one for the record books. some areas could get up to three feet. another big concern. widespread power outages and flooding in coastal areas still recovering from superstorm sandy. jenna: we'll keep an eye on that. meantime the president is facing criticism of his war on terror policies. criticism that sounds very familiar. during his 2008 campaign then senator obama described president bush's policies as indiscriminate and too secretive. many say the same is now true of the obama administration. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live from the state department. james, normally when we talk about critics, talking about the on opposite side of the aisle. when we look at the criticism president it includes members of his own base. tell us a little more about that. >> reporter: so much of this
8:37 am
criticism, jenna, now suddenly arising from the left of the president and his policies in the war on terror has to do with timing. specifically the start of the president's second term and his nomination of counterterrorism advisor john brennan to be director of cia. as a career intelligence officer brennan has spearhead ad number of policies. the dramatic expansion of the drone program, for example and the development of novel legal theories to justify the use of drones to assassinate u.s. citizens said to be enengaged in terrorism abroad all of which liberals find abhorrent. all of this sounds familiar even if the chorus is not as deafening as it was in the bush administration. they are expanding the powers, lethal water boarding and rendition and detention of combatants on the battlefield. >> when this president was when he was senator excoriated the president's interrogation program and
8:38 am
presumption of imperial press den apresidential powers. he is very lucky he doesn't have a senator obama who is chastising him from the floor of the united states senate. >> reporter: added irony is many former bush administration officials are voicing strong support for president obama and the conducting of the war on terror. jenna: a bit of musical chairs. how is the administration responding to the criticism thus far. >> reporter: they're saying a lot of things we heard from the bush-cheney white house. we're told for example, this administration takes great care to limit the civilians of that members of congress are adequately briefed. for all unsavory covert operations the law is on our side. >> we tried to lay out for the american people the considerations that go into the operations. and one of the things i want to make sure everybody understands is that our primary concern is to keep the american people safe, but to do so in a way that is consistent with our laws
8:39 am
and consistent with our values. >> reporter: follow me on twitter at james rosen fnc. i will tweet out moments from now an occasion when then senator joe biden chastised president bush's attorney general on grounds that once again, may seem familiar as being unconstitutional. jenna. jenna: just wait until the end of the next conversation. because the next segment is also on this, james. we need to stretch it out a little bit. i'm looking at paul gigot over there. >> reporter: all right. jenna: james, thank you very much. jon? jon: let's get a little bit of paul gigot's perspective. he is editorial page editor of "the wall street journal" and a guy who has seen a lost arguments come and go over the years. what if, let's say this were 2007 and george w. bush were in the white house and all of a sudden this policy comes out about killing enemy combatants with drones? >> well i think we would have a uproar, political uproar, maybe articles of impeachment against george w. bush. because remember, there was and such an uproar against his anti-terror policies
8:40 am
then. and the president unleashing his inner dick cheney here in his presidency has really set back the, i call him the anti-terror, anti-, anti-terror critics of his policies, obama's policies because he is member of the same party. jon: there was so much ink devoted to water boarding. >> right. jon: as far as we know there were what three? >> three. that has been confirmed across the board. >> three men. >> three men. jon: who were waterboarded. >> all the worst of the al qaeda plotters. jon: khalid sheikh mohammed for instance. >> ramsey and abu zubaydah. jon: when you look at the drone strikes and numbed per of people who were killed it far surpasses. >> i support the president's drone policy. i think it's necessary. i think it's, it keeps americans safe. i think also it is legally
8:41 am
grounded. but what you're going to see right now as the president get as second term, increasing challenge from the left-wing of his own party to some of these policies which so greatly mimic the policies of the bush administration. you're going to try to see you think some processed limits put on the drone program. for example, will we introduce judges into the, into the chain of command to be able to sign off and approve of a target list. that kind of thing has never happened in american history. jon: because right now the president essentially acts as judge, jury, and almost executioner? >> well, that's right. that's right. although within the legal framework they set out it is not a license to do that to anybody, jon. you have to have to be an al qaeda member or a member of an associated force. jon: ari fleischer, who spent so many years as president george w. bush's press secretary sent out an interesting tweet. good thing the department of justice drone memo didn't come out in 2008. candidate obama would never have put up with stuff like that. >> no, he would have
8:42 am
criticized the president. i don't think there is any question about it. this is one of the great irony of his presidency. so many anti-terror policies were established under george w. bush and continued and even enhanced under barack obama. jon: things look awfully different when you sit in the oval office. >> you see the intelligence reports that scare but the threats that are real. jon: perhaps that is why his hair is going gray. you can catch paul gigot during "journal editorial report" here 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. jenna. jenna: a star athlete's dream of playing football at the university of arkansas could be shattered if his mother gets her way. the mom is now hiring a legendary leep him from enrolling. why is she doing this? does she vili have a case? our legal panel weighs in just ahead. also "toy story" employees getting a major shock as a car comes crashing into the building. more incredible video coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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jon: well it is every high school athlete's dream. an athletic scholarship to a major university. that dream came true for florida foot pool star alex collins. but he might have one more obstacle to face. this more obstinate than any defensive lineman. he hand his father signed a letter of intent for him to play for the arkansas razorbacks but his mother, well, mom is doing everything she can to keep here baby boy at home. first she hid the letter of intent. she hired the cochran law firm, that is johnnie cochran's former firm in hopes of invalidating the document s that fair? is it legal? let's bring in our legal panel. arthur aidala, former defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. fred tecce, former federal prosecutor. fred what do you think of this. she wants him to go to a school close to home. she wants him to stay in
8:47 am
florida. he wants to play for arkansas. the first thing she did was grab his letter of intent and ran off with it. now she is suing because his father signed the letter of intent. he is cleared to go to arkansas as far as his father is concerned but mom says no. who wins? >> very intimidating because fred is sitting here nodding his head back and forth. i'm scared. >> i want you to see a you work a miracle with this one? it's a miracle. >> it is a mother's dream. who will fault her mom for wanting her boy to stay at home. number two they're in florida. not like there are not a couple of awesome football teams in florida. here is the bottom line. what the law firm will attack to try to invalidate this. the ncaa has very specific and very stringent rules regarding recruiting there are millions of dollars at stake here. this kid is a five-star athlete. coming to the arkansas program is going to give them, arkansas, a lot of money. they are going to examine and cross-examine to make
8:48 am
sure there are no deals under the table. to make sure there was no type of pressure, undue pressure or duress put on this young man. he is a minor. these parents are not married. jon, what will be looked at what are the rules in the state of florida regarding guardians of a minor and who has control over making this final decision? jon: well, fred, give us your jurisprudence on this. >> first thing i tell you i knew it. i knew it. she shipment have called johnnie cochran. should have called arthur aidala. she has much better chance with arthur. jon i would make a joke, she says she wants him to stay in florida. i could he can jo jokes all see was would get a trans am because he went to arkansas. you know how old i am. and wants the escalade that florida and miami parents get. here is what bothers me about this thing. what a terrible, terrible lesson to tell the young man.
8:49 am
he signs a contract. the man's word is his bond. his father signs it. what does she do? she goes out to hire a lawyer to raise all technicalities. what a terrible, terrible life lesson. he made a deal. he promised he would go to arkansas. a legal letter of intent signed by one guardian. i haven't heard her say the father had the right to do it. so at the end of the day guess what? the contract stands. jon: arthur, you said there are lot of great schools in florida and should be happy to make his mom happy to play for a florida schools. you know how this is. maybe you like the coach at arkansas. >> right. jon: maybe you like the prospects. you're looking at the other players who might be in your role. maybe you like that better? >> according to the lawyer, they're not necessarily saying he can never go to arkansas. they just want to look at what was the process to entice him there so you're right, jon. if it was the coach, that's fine. if it was the other players, who will be his quarterback, that's fine. if it is because of the trans am that fred mentioned
8:50 am
that should not play a part in all of this? if it is because his dad put a lot of pressure and duress? this is really big business and anything is possible. i'm not accusing anyone of anything but big envelopes of cash under the table are not unheard of in any recruiting world. so -- making sure everything is done aboveboard. >> you make a great point. look, you and i both know with all these students there are a thousand little technical infractions she will be able to dig up. she can say, because it is all very erstwhile and wants it for her son. but the at end of the day they will look for a lot of technicalities because she wants to get out of the deal. >> he should play by the rules. >> play the rules? arthur, if they didn't play by the rules so the kid goes to arkansas as opposed to miami, the guys that lost to penn state, we'll put that aside for a minute. guys at miami will play by the same rules? come on.
8:51 am
throwing the fat in the fire. jon: i didn't have any kind of athletic ability coming out of high school. my mom would be happy to send me out of state to keep the laundry away. >> i don't believe that at all. strapping young man like yourself. >> vertical jump over a wet newspaper. you're talking to the right guy. jon: arthur aidala there, fred tecce. >> have a great weekend. enjoy the storm. >> stay dry. jon: thank you both. jenna: keep an eye on it. mom usually comes out on top, you know what i mean? arthur is getting more and more convincing, wasn't he? jon: keep our athletic camera operator is shaking his head. he is not on mom's side. jenna: keith is usually right on these things. listen to our experts. a possible answer to one of the great mysteries of the super bowl. why did the 49ers lose? that is not the question. we're talking about the power outage that cut the lights to half the stadium. you know, what happened here? do we still have any answers? we're going to share what we now know coming up next. plus new developments in
8:52 am
a high-profile squatting dust-up. why one property appraiser says an antiquated law is at the center of all of this. we'll tell you more about this case out of florida coming up.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
jon: some new developments in a high-profile squatting case in south florida. police in boca raton have taken possession of a $2.5 million mansion infamously occupied by squatter andre bar bosa, also known as "loki boy". they were trying to take the a cake i law that turned his worldwide stay into a media event and to get the copycat wiped off the books. steve harris began in live
8:56 am
in boca roo tone. steve? >> reporter: jon, this is the manages behind me that caused all the fuss. the locks have been changed in the past 24 hours. police rolled in 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they were looking for "loki boy", the brazilian national who squatted the last two months. they didn't find him. they found a house full of garbage. they pulled out the garbage and changed locks. they spoke to a number of neighbors that were worried about to hire their own private security. they say the two month ordeal is over. now they are relieved. >> i think we'll sleep better. the neighborhood will be quieter eventually. maybe not today. but maybe tomorrow. >> we're finally relieved. we'll go back to normal. >> reporter: "loki boy" was relying on an obscure florida law called, adverse possession. it really dates back to the 18 hundreds and was used to make sure farmland did not go fallow, to not allow squatters to move into million dollar mansions a number of florida officials are working hard to get that
8:57 am
law off the books. >> it's a scam. and what's happening is these silly forms are allowing people to break and enter and trespass. >> reporter: "loki boy" is gone but 11 copycats are in his wake through the publicity of that case. one is now squatting in a $4 million oceanfront mansion. jon, back to you. jon: unbelievable. steve harrigan, thank you. jenna: we now know what caused the power outage at the super bowl and it wasn't beyonce. she had nothing to do with it. the electric company says that on sunday the outage was traced to a faulty relay device. it was installed to prevent problems in the event of a cable failure you between the switch gear which is combination of things like circuit breakers and fuses that usually protects the equipment, the electrical equipment in the system and the stayeddup. so there was a problem between those two things. and what was supposed to protect the stadium ended up not working right. the outage lasted about a
8:58 am
half hour. the device was removed and replacement equipment is being evaluated. so we'll see how it goes next time i guess? hopefully they keep the lights on. jon: i think they're going to. hey, a massive manhunt from los angeles to las vegas. a popular california resort in the mountains also under search as hundreds of police are looking for an alleged cop killer who used to be one of them. the latest on the hunt next. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want.
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9:01 am
jenna: a very dangerous winter storm bearing down on the northeast, the entire region bracing for what some are describing a blockbuster blizzard. easy enough for me to say, right? jon: it's friday. it's been a long week. jenna: it's going to be a bad storm, that's basically what we're saying. disruptions already starting to ripple across the country. we welcome you to a brand new hour of "happening now," i'm
9:02 am
jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. the snow is already falling, but the brunt of the storm doesn't arrive until later this afternoon or tonight. that's when two storm systems are expected to collide, combining into one monster of a winter nor'easter. snow expecting to blanket pennsylvania up through new england and into maine. the forecast is calling for 1-3 inches at the southern end all the way to 2 or 3 feet up north. weather watchers are warning this one could be one for the record books. shoppers are stocking up on the essentials, and drivers are finding long lines at many gas stations as folks rush to fill up before the worst of the storm hits. >> well, there's several gas stations up the road that are out of gas. >> i actually came to this one because i didn't see a line, and i had noticed the other ones had lines, so it makes sense now. >> we have another vehicle to go and get, and we'll gas that one up and then go home and cuddle in and get to know each other
9:03 am
again. jon: if you're flying, thousands of flights have already been scratched. many airlines canceling in advance rather than wait it out and hope for the best. amtrak plans to stop running trains along the northeast corridor later this afternoon. many towns canceling school for the day or letting classes out early. molly line is live for us in boston right now. molly? >> reporter: hi, jon. that's right, the snow's already beginning to fall here in the city and the surrounding areas, and it's still all about expectation and potential. there's an expectation that we could get up to 3 feet here many boston and the surrounding areas, especially in that snow belt out in western massachusetts, and the potential for a historically massive storm. as you mentioned, one possibly for the record books. the authorities here in the city taking a lot of precautions, asking people to stay inside and to stay off the roads today. as you can see, the roads still a little bit busy this afternoon. the governor had asked everyone to get off of these highways by noon today, but this is one of
9:04 am
the expressways leading out of the city of boston. people didn't make that noon deadline that the governor had asked people to make, but they are trying to get out of here. a moment ago this was backed up. it looked like rush hour traffic. now it seems like it's loosened up a little bit, and it's actually able to move. another thing that's really interesting that people especially in the city would be affected by, the t, the transit system here in the city will be shut down at 3:30 this afternoon. and the mayor is asking people to especially stay inside, pedestrians, cars to stay off the roads so that the crews that are going to be out there trying to get things cleaned up will be able to do their jobs. take a listen to the mayor. >> our public works crews are out now. we have a 34,000 tons of salt over 600 pieces of equipment ready to be deployed throughout the storm. >> reporter: you know, new englanders are used to big
9:05 am
snowstorms, they've handled this before many times in previous decades, but there is also that -- they know to take this seriously, that there can still be accidents, there can still be troubles and problems and big power outages, so people are hunkered down. i hit a grocery store yesterday, wanted to go in, changed my mind. i said, you know what? we'll let the folks stock up, they certainly need to do that, and a lot of people have. jon? jon: and boston traffic so easy in normal conditions, i'm sure it's great in a blizzard, right? [laughter] molly line -- >> reporter: oh, exactly, exactly. jenna: well, shaping up to be a major event not only in boston but beyond. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm since early this morning. what does it look like? >> reporter: well, i'm jealous of molly line a little bit. i mean, to be out there when we're talking about a potentially historic storm with
9:06 am
30 inches of show? that's pretty impressive. now, the dangerous parking lot of this is -- part of this is we could be dealing with power outages, and we're going to see wind chills in some cases in the single digits. so if you've got power out or temperatures or wind chills in the single digits, that's downright dangerous, and a lot of these areas were affected by hurricane sandy. i know a lot of folks are like, oh, northeast, why are we doing this again? well, a lot of these folks are homeless. they don't have homes, they don't have barriers because of hurricane sandy. so this is just another added problem to areas like long island and new jersey and coastal connecticut. so this is a potentially very dangerous situation. look at the wind chills that we are going to be talking about into saturday. -8 in pittsville, it's going to feel like 10 in new york, and those wind chills are going to continue to go down. 0 in scranton, they could get over a foot of snow.
9:07 am
all along long island here, a lot of long island was really destroyed by hurricane sandy. so, you know, people are bracing here. people are nervous. that's why we're seeing all of the lineups at the gas stations and trying to get as many supplies as they can. the worst of the storm is going to be overnight tonight where we're going to feel the worst of the winds, 30, 40 mile-per-hour winds. we have blizzard warnings up for 23 million people along the coast, so that is going to continue in some cases 12-18 hours of relentless winds. we are, most certainly, going to have power outages tonight, and you can see the snow that comets to come down -- continues to come down. switching all to snow in new york, could be seeing 18 inches in new york. boston, portland, providence, certainly upwards of maybe 2 feet. so it could be historic, and we will monitor it overnight tonight, into tomorrow until this thing is over with. jenna? jenna: all the travel delays because of all those really key airports. >> reporter: thousands. thousands have been canceled,
9:08 am
and it's just going to continue as a ripple effect across the country. jon: do we have to come to work on monday? >> reporter: do i have to write you a note? jenna: janice, what do you think, are we going to make it? >> reporter: hopefully, they've got the plows and salters out. i think they're really on top of it because, you know, a lot of these areas are hurting pretty badly, and we need to be on top of it to get things cleared up. jenna: well, it's certainly something we're going to be paying close attention to. thank you, as always. >> reporter: okay, you bet. jon: now this fox news alert, we are waiting for a news conference. police are telling us about the massive manhunt for an accused cop killer. it is centering on a ski resort about 80 miles east of los angeles. fired police officer christopher dorner wanted in the killing of one cop, also a young couple. police say he's bent on revenge and willing to kill even more people. police found dorner's burned-out
9:09 am
truck near the bare mountain ski resort. teams of police searching homes door to door, local schools and businesses remain closed. dominic di-natale is live in big bear lake, california. so this news conference, what are we expecting to hear, dominic? >> we're hoping for more details on where exactly they are searching for dorner. we do know earlier on from public information officers from san bernardino -- sorry, from the local sheriff's office saying that the immediate area around where the truck was found is still their main point of focus. they think because of the terrain and because of the weather conditions he may not have got very far. you can see the press conference taking place just behind me. my colleagues from the media huddled together waiting to hear on just what progress, if any, has been made. the door-to-door searches are continuing, the k-9 units are still out, the bloodhounds are still trying to track him down.
9:10 am
no sign of him so far. we haven't had an update from the police for at least 12 hours, so hopefully fresh information flow. what we have heard is that part of the search effort is being hampered. the aerial search is being called off because of the weather conditions. right now the snow's just let up a little bit. we kind of get these breaks in the cloud. i can see a bit of blue sky breaking out right now, but the clouds will come in very low, and they'll reduce visibility to about 75 yards just a few moments ago, so conditions very, very tricky here. and once they get the helicopters back up, obviously, that broadens their reach of search. but for the time being, the focus is all around where that burnt truck was found, jon. jon: our producers monitoring that conference say they have no leads, no new information and, again, as you just mentioned, that air search is still off because of the weather. very dicey situation there in the mountains around big bear lake. dominic di-natale -- >> reporter: it's definitely a critical part --
9:11 am
jon: yeah. thanks, dominic. go ahead, dominic. didn't mean to interrupt. >> reporter: it's definitely a critical part of the search. and even though he was trained in the military and lapd, he couldn't have survived overnight in these terrible conditions. it went as low as 14 degrees at one point last night, so he would have been overexposed, so they believe he's probably hide anything a cabin somewhere here on the mountain. jon? jon: and when they find him, that could be potentially explosive. dominic, again, thank you. jenna: well, a chilling new warning that iran is intensifying efforts to destabilize the middle east by smuggling weapons to militant allies, their allies -- normally our enemies. chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers who's regularly briefed on iran says the regime is really escalating the flow of weapons to yemen and north africa including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of shooting down passenger jets and military helicopters. a lot of word to the warning here.
9:12 am
chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: thank you, jenna, and good morning. a yemeni military source says the shipment includes nearly 200 packages for remote detonators and automatic weapons with silencers. the weapons were interpreted in january, video of the haul was shown for the first time this week on yemeni government television. that's what you're seeing here. a special note, surface to air missiles simply known as man pads that were apparently based on chinese technology. at a recent briefing, the defense department described the joint operation that intercemented a fishing vessel -- intercepted a fishing vessel carrying the weapons. >> a routine boarding was conducted. arms were discovered. we had crew statements that indicate that the point of origin was iran. >> reporter: asked about the recent shipments and the evidence of man pads which can
9:13 am
bring down civilian airliners, republican mike rogers says this appears to be a new chapter with the chaos in north africa ask and the weapons flow to yemen, iran is seeking to further destabilize the region. >> anytime you see the most sophisticated weapons getting introduced into enemy combatants like this, it's dangerous. to any degree. so whatever level that is if it's, you know, surface-to-air mys sills or -- missiles or anything less than that that is sophisticated, it causes real harm. >> reporter: while iranian authorities today are denying any involvement in this attack from last year, the bulgarians say they now have strong evidence that this bus bombing which killed five israeli tourists was the work of hezbollah, one of rapp's proxies. both chairman rogers and outside sources believe this reflects the fact that iran's under pressure from the sanctions and also its longtime partner in the region, syria, is under increasing pressure.
9:14 am
that regime may ultimately collapse, and that would deprive iran of a key ally as well. jenna: a big story to continue to watch, catherine. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jon: well, massive automatic spending cuts kick in three weeks from today for our federal government unless some kind of deal with reached in the meantime. but a leading commentator says republicans ought to call the president's bluff and just let those cuts happen. is that prudent advice? we'll talk about it with monica crowley coming up. also, can eliminating depression be as easy as a zap to the head without drugs? some promising new research to share with you coming up. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. your doctor will say get smart about your weight.
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jon: well, everybody start putting the xs on your calendar, because we are three weeks from the day when massive automatic budget cuts are set to kick in. economists agree the cuts will damage the economic recovery in
9:18 am
this country, but so far republicans have been cool to the president's idea of a temporary fix of cuts and more taxes. columnist charles krauthammer saying that may be a good thing. in his washington post column he writes: jon: but republicans may find the otr side just as obstinate. politico reports, quote:
9:19 am
jon: let's talk about all this with a crowley, she's a radio talk show host, a fox news contributor and knows about political strategies. so what's going on? first of all, this sequester idea, this started with the white house, right? >> yes. jon: and now the president doesn't like the fact that it's on his doorstep. >> and he doesn't like to be reminded this was his idea. it originated with him and the democrats, especially in the white house, in the first place. jon: because they thought the defense cuts especially, forcing this kind of draconian cuts on the pentagon, republicans would never go for. >> he thought it was going to be this ideal situation where it would be, it would inflict so much pain on both sides that both sides would then come to the table and want to bargain. problem is that the president's always talking about the balanced approach to our fiscal situation and our problems, and the republicans said, okay, in the fiscal cliff deal we'll give
9:20 am
you your tax increases. so he has the tax hikes, but there have been no spending cuts. so now the republicans who actually for the first time in the obama presidency have the stronger hand, now they should come in and say, okay, you keep arguing for a balanced approach. we gave you your tax hikes, where are the spending cuts? and make him answer to that. jon: and has been pointed out many time, the additional money, the revenue as they like to call it that was raised by the that tax hike immediately got spent by the congress when they received the sandy aid bill. >> that's right. all in one shot it's been evaporateed. we don't have a revenue problem in america -- jon: bigger revenues right now than 2008. >> that's right. to cover all of the government's bills. we have an incredible spending problem. just this week the nonpartisan cbo, congressional budget office, released their ten-year projection, and they're projecting over the next ten years the federal government to spend $47 trillion, spending going up across the board in every program except defense over the next couple of years.
9:21 am
that is totally unsustainable. we cannot go on like this. we have to raise, we have to rein in government, and that's why i think the republicans have a providential opportunity now to put the ball back in the president's court and say answer to us on spending cuts. what are you prepared to cut? jon: as we're talking, jay carney, the white house spokesman, is complaining about the prospect of the sequester kicking in, saying these are large, arbitrary cuts that would have a severe impact across the federal government. well, again, then why did the president propose them in the first place? >> yes. and they were arbitrary by design, to try to prevent the exact predicament we are in. the republicans now twice in the house of representatives have passed bills that have more responsible and rational spending cuts because they don't want this kind of, um, willy-nilly kind of spending where you're dropping the axe all over the place. there's plenty of cutting to be had, and the republicans have said let's do it more responsibly. again, no answer from the democrats in the senate and no answer from the democrat in the
9:22 am
white house. jon: so what are we to do? just wait for the three week deadline to arrive and -- i mean, you know, the pentagon, leon panetta, the outgoing defense secretary, saying this is really going to effect our readiness, our ability to protect the country and prevent war and everything else. we're supposed to let that happen? >> yeah. well, i think the president while he doesn't want the domestic spending cuts to go through, he actually does want the military cuts to go through. this is why i think the republicans should call his bluff and play their card and say we're coming to you with responsible spending cuts but no more tax hikes. see how the president answers that. and if he doesn't, jon, i agree with charles krauthammer, let the sequester go through and the spending cuts go through because we have to begin somewhere. jon: and it becomes part of the obama legacy at that point. monica crowley, thank you. jenna: one question, one health question we're taking a look at today is can you actually seeville in the human body? -- evil in the human body? a german scientist says there's
9:23 am
a part of the brain where evil lurks. why he says a simple brain scan can actually predict criminal behavior. we're going to take a closer look at that. also a brand new fox poll on the u.s. economy showing more than half of those surveyed think the worst is yet to come. what questions do you have about our nation's economy, about your own finances? send them to us, because economist ben stein is in the hot seat today. he'll take your questions. shoot them to us on twitter @"happening now", and we'll take them straight to ben. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource™. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers
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9:26 am
jenna: well, welcome back, everybody. right now it seems as if there's a promising new tool to fight depression, a condition that plagues some 19 million americans. and this method is drug-free. scientists say tiny electrodes attached to the scalp can do
9:27 am
what drugs cannot sometimes, almost switching off depression, if you will. their work is published in the journal of the american medical association. we have a great guest with us today, dr. matthew fink, neurologist in chief at new york presbyterian medical center. so you're the person to talk to, neurologist in chief, doctor. nice to have you with us today. when you think about anything that has to do with electricity, i hate to admit, i get that scene from one flew over the cuckoo's nest, that's the image when a lot of us think about when we think about electricity and the brain and treatment. how is this different? >> this is very different because these are very, very small stimulations of the brain if a very safe way, and they can either be done by direct stimulation with what's called dc current or magnetic stimulation. so it is an extremely safe treatment. jenna: does it hurt? >> it does not hurt. the patients feel nothing at
9:28 am
all. jenna: not even a tingle or something like that? >> barely a tingle. it's very safe, and it's something which has great promise. it cannot hurt anyone. it really is very safe. jenna: why would this be effective for depression? >> we think there are two things that it can do. at a certain frequency of stimulation, which means you can stimulate rapidly or slowly, at a certain frequency it will inhibit certain brain regions, and at another frequency it will stimulate certain brain regions. so if we think the depression is due to a part of the brain which may be overactive, you can inhibit it by stimulating it. or if we think a part of the brain is underactive, we can stimulate it to increase the activity. so it has great promise to do a number of different things. jenna: you have a brain in your hand, right? just want to point that out to viewers, that's not just something you walk around with. >> this is a plastic model. [laughter] jenna: it's interesting looking
9:29 am
at this one study about depression, we were also looking at another on those that suffer from migraines, and it seems electricity -- what do you call the therapy in general? >> electrical stimulation and also magnetic stimulation. jenna: so that it can be used for a broad spectrum of different things from depression to schizophrenia to parkinson's disease to migraines. >> yes. jenna: why in migraines? how does it work there? >> migraine is a little different. what we do for migraine is we don't stimulate the brain itself, we still hate the nerves around the skull, in the scalp p. and that will inhibit migraines. so there are nerves in the front, in the forehead, there are nerves in the back, and we stimulate those nerves in the scalp, and that can inhibit migraines. jenna: just really quick, would this mean that someone that's been taking, you know, medication for migraines for 20 years would suddenly not have to take medication anymore? >> not likely to be that dramatic, but more likely that it will reduce the frequency of the migraines quite a bit so
9:30 am
they can take less medication. not likely to eliminate it completely. jenna: so let's take a look at this brain with this final story because this also caught our attention. one doctor, a german scientist, believes that you can actually look at the front of someone's brain and see what he calls a dark patch, an evil patch, he calls it, because the dark spot, he believes, indicates a criminal, a future criminal or a current criminal mind. in your expertise, what do you think about that? >> the brain is the source of all behavior, good, bad, evil and everything in between. but what this doctor is saying is a gross oversimplification of the way things work. i'm assuming he's talking about a test called a functional mri which is measuring blood flow in certain areas of the brain. there is no one part of the brain that is responsible for evil. there are multiple interconnections between multiple areas of the brain that
9:31 am
are responsible for our behavior. and they vary from person to person. so even two people with the same behavior, it may be triggered by different kinds of connections. so his -- jenna: you're not sold on it. >> i'm not sold on it, no. jenna: just really quick, how did you become a brain surgeon? i mean, how did you get into this field? why were you fascinated by the brain? >> i was always fascinated even as a little boy. i think i just loved to see how people behave and what they do, and when i learned that it was all due to the brain, i was hooked. jenna: and here you are. >> here i am. jenna: neurologist in chief carrying the brain around, which we appreciate. >> i'm happy to be here. jenna: it's really nice to have you. jon? jon: interesting props. president obama takes aim at gun control, and most in the mainstream media seem to be on his side. our news watch panel weighs in on the coverage. plus, tracking the storm as a major blizzard takes aim at the
9:32 am
northeast. heavy snow, even hurricane-force winds are in the forecast for some places. a live report straight ahead.
9:33 am
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9:35 am
jenna: folks in the northeast are getting ready for one big, bad blizzard with national implications. some light snow starting to fall a few hours ago in new york city. you're taking a live look at boston there. so as we've been told by our
9:36 am
meteorologists here at fox, janice dean, it's going to get worse as the day goes on. anna coyman's taking a look at everything that's happening in midtown manhattan. >> reporter: it's really starting to ice on us, and the wind is picking up, too, so it's a little bit painful, to tell you the truth, jenna. millions are preparing as the worst of the storm is expected to hit into tonight and tomorrow with snow falling at a rate of 2-3 inches per hour causing whiteout conditions and power outages. now connecticut's governor, dan malloy, issuing a state of emergency this morning where 2 feet of snow is anticipated. salt trucks are pretreating roadways, schools have canceled classes, and amtrak is suspending service between new york and boston this afternoon before conditions worsen. more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled, 1800 from new york city's three major airports alone. people are also stocking up on food, water, batteries and medications as leaders are urging them to remain indoors.
9:37 am
>> i am urging local governments to make sure that critical roadways stay clear throughout the event. that means that work needs to be done on an ongoing basis to make sure roadways are clear so that we can respond, um, as well as we are capable of doing and so that the utilities in particular can respond. >>ooding remains a major concern along the coast, in particular to areas made vulnerable following superstorm sandy including long island and new jersey. now, the federal emergency management agency has also gotten involved, monitoring the storm from washington, d.c. and urging everyone in the northeast to heed the local warnings here and to stay indoors until this storm passes. jenna, back to you. jenna: anna, thank you. jon: gun control, you probably know, is a centerpiece of the president's second term agenda likely to be a part of his state of the union address on tuesday. some critics are saying the mainstream media essentially are
9:38 am
cheerleaders for this push by the president. check out piers morgan's reaction to firing what is a legal machine gun. [gunfire] >> why would any civilian need one of these? >> this is an investment. i purchased one of these a while back for about $1200 and sold it -- $12,000 and sold it for $45,000. >> incredible. incredible. jon: also a week after the white house released this photo of the president shooting skeet at camp david, the white house still answering questions about why it didn't put the photo out sooner. you can see it was taken in the summer, obviously, with the green on the trees. some say it was actually photoshopped. so did it hurt or help the president's message? let's talk about it with judith miller, a pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and author, kirsten power is the --
9:39 am
is a columnist for the daily beast. judy, you think there ought to be more control on assault weapons, for instance. the president obviously put out that photo because he wants gun owners out there to think that he's just one of them, he's a regular guy who shoots skeet on the weekends and end joys blasting a shotgun -- enjoys blasting a shotgun every now and then. did it work? >> well, look, i think that the president has now had to respond, the white house has had to respond to these ridiculous charges of what the washington examiner memorably called skeetgate. this is absurd. it doesn't matter whether or not the president of the united states shoots clay pigeons regularly or ever on weekends. i really don't care. this country has so many important issues facing it that, you know, from foreign policy challenges like drones to the domestic issue of how we're going to balance our budget, and we're worrying about whether or
9:40 am
not a photo is accurate? i mean, i think the president himself has said, yes, i do shoot skeet or whatever skeet are, but i think that diverts attention from the real issue, which the issue americans ought to be thinking about is how to we reduce this violence? the president has made a series of proposals. he's out there selling it, and he has to compete with really trivia about whether or not this photo is genuine. i find this debate not even worthy of commenting publicly. jon: all right. kirsten who grew up in alaska and is or at least was a gun owner knows what shooting skeet is all about -- [laughter] kirsten, what about that argument, the flap over the photo? >> well, look, i'm always for transparency, so i think, you know, if the president talks about something, why not release the photo, but i agree with judy this is kind of beside the point. it's not really the big issue, and people claiming that it's photoshopped, i mean, that's just silly. i don't -- what he shoots has no
9:41 am
bearing on anything. jon: the question is a lot of the president's political opponents think he puts out this photo sort of opportunistically and when it gets criticized or picked apart, then the white house doesn't like it. >> well, of course, and we have every right as the media to challenge whether or not a man holding a weapon in this position could have actually fired it. but let's remember what this is about. this is about an effort to reduce violence in our society which is now spiraling out of control. this should be about whether or not the president's proposals make sense, and they're the best way to do that. and that's the debate that we're still trying to avoid in this country that so many commentators and people in the media are trying to avoid. jon: but, sir ten, as -- kirsten, as you well know, so many of the president's political opponents say it's so easy to ignore the mental health aspect of all this. >> well, i don't think it's easy to go after the guns, actually. i think going after the guns is very hard, and he doesn't have a
9:42 am
lot of support in congress, and it's a toxic political issue in the country, people are divided. so i applaud the president, actually, for taking this on. it's a very important issue, andst the not an either/or situation. of course we need to deal with the mental health issues in this country, but that's a separate issue. it also happens to be a very expensive issue, and i don't know are republicans going to want to spend the money that it's going to take to really deal with our mental health issues? i hope the president will take that on as well, but whether he does or doesn't, it doesn't change the fact, i mean, i have to agree with piers morgan. i think it's shocking that someone in our country owns a gun like that. that's just not, that's not necessary, and i don't think that's what our constitution protects. jon: well, as -- >> and, jon, who paid the $45,000 for that weapon that he sold? i mean, what are they doing with it? are they putting it in a museum or in a collection? i mean, what's going to happen with weapons like that? should ordinary citizens have them without background checks
9:43 am
if they're mentally -- >> they shouldn't have them ever. i don't care if there's a background check or not. it's absurd. jon: all right. i know a guy who has such weaponry -- >> for what? jon: just uses it to relax. anyway -- [laughter] >> well, take a company xanax! jon: i'm getting it from both sides here, literally! i'll be back tomorrow with news watch, saturday 2:30 eastern on the fox news channel. jenna: well, the bush family has been hacked. sensitive and personal information splashed all over the internet. who could be behind this cyber crime? plus, the all-out manhunt for a dangerous suspect. coming up, where police believe he's hiding and the victims he say he's left behind. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment!
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jon: a fox news alert, and secrecy si jackson jr. has signed off on a plea deal in a misuse of campaign funds case. fox news has confirmed the former illinois congressman is agreeing to this deal. according to one report, the deal would involve significant jail time and repaying the government hundreds of thousands of dollars. jackson has been under investigation allegedly for using campaign funds to, among other things, decorate his washington home. he is no longer a congressman. jenna: more on that as we get it. in the meantime, "happening now," one of america's most prestigious and politically powerful families the victims of hacking. a hacker stealing personal e-mails and pictures from both former presidents bush -- from both former presidents, and now the secret service of is investigating, trying to help out the bush family in all of this. molly henneberg is joining us live from washington with more. molly? >> reporter: hi, jenna. there's no indication at this point that the private e-mail
9:48 am
accounts of the former presidents bush were hacked. but it appears that a hacker got access to six private e-mail accounts of family members and friends of the bush family and collected family photos, personal e-mails, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses and provided some of that information to the smoking gun web site. pictures include one of president george w. bush apparently posing with a cardboard cutout of himself. and one of president george h.w. bush and clinton. a spokesperson for the elder president george bush put out a statement today saying that he had, quote, nothing beyond the fact that there is a criminal investigation, and we have no comment. you may remember that something similar happened to former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin in 2008. her yahoo account was hacked, and photos and e-mails were posted online on the wikileaks web site. the hacker in that case was
9:49 am
eventually discovered, tried, convicted and sentenced to a year in prison. in this case involving the bush family, the pictures have the word gucifer written on them. according to the smoking gun, the hacker says he's gotten access to, quote, hundreds of accounts over the years and that the government has been after him a long time and that, quote, this is just another chapter in the game. the secret service confirmed to fox this morning that its agents are investigating, but other than that would provide no details. jenna? jenna: we'll continue to watch this story, molly, thank you. jon: all right, earthlings, prepare. billions of us set to have a close encounter with a giant asteroid. we'll tell you when this big space rock is expected to buzbee us and -- buzz by us and how close it's going to get after the break. and economist ben stein is not worried about all that. he's on the hot seat here to take your questions on the nation's financial future. send them to us via twitter
9:50 am
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jon: this is not science fiction, it is true. right now a massive asteroid is heading toward earth! it's expected to buzz by us next week but coming closer than some satellites even. patti ann brown live in our new york news ram with more -- newsroom with more. >> reporter: it's about 150 feet wide, that's about the size of an office building, and if it were to complied with earth -- collide with earth, it could wipe out a city. luckily, that's not going the happen. the asteroid is due to approach on february 15th at about 2:24 p.m. eastern time, and as this animation shows, asteroid 2012ga14 will only get to within 17,000 miles of earth. but that is closer than any other asteroid its size in
9:54 am
reported history. it's also closer than some communications satellites. and scientists say there might be a million other asteroids on a collision course with earth. critics say nasa is not doing enough to detect these threats. if they did spot one, the post says scientists would probably have at least 30 years notice, and that would give them enough time to possibly bomb the asteroid before it hit or park a spacecraft near it. jon? jon: weird. patti ann brown, thanks. jenna: that sums it up. as promised, we have economist ben stein on the hot seat. there he is, with a salute. always appreciate it, ben, just want to remind everybody, ben has a book how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio. and that is something we all really want to avoid, ben. i'm going to launch into our viewer questions because they've been waiting. >> go for it. jenna: brian wants to know how do we get the middle class back? he's been working his whole life, he still can't afford his
9:55 am
house. how does the middle class come back? >> one at a time. one job at a time. one additional degree, one additional skill. the government can't do it. we hear all kinds of politicians say the government's got to bring back the middle class. can't with done. the middle class has to get back there by itself. it's a very hard gig. we've been drastically affected by the global economy. there is no overall wand that can be waved by the government, but by dent of hard thrift and persistence, people will get back into it if they're out of it, or they'll stay into it, or they'll even move up to the upper middle class. jenna: chris is from valencia, california -- >> yes, we love valencia. jenna: i'm glad. well, then chris is extra special today. he wanted to know about america's manufacturing and what that's going the look like for the next several years. >> we know that we're very, very good at high-tech development, but we're not very good at
9:56 am
high-tech manufacturing compared with the far east. i don't know there's ever been a major manufacturing industrial power that has recovered after being pushed sort of aside by low-wage, but high-tech economies. so i think we're facing a prolonged slowdown in manufacturing, and people can talk all they want about government bringing it back, but i think the trends are extremely adverse. willafter all, if you are a manufacturer or and you can manufacture in thailand or ghana for a small percentage of what you manufacture for in the u.s., you're going to manufacture there. i mean, that's just the way the world works. it's a very sad thing, but i don't want see the future of manufacturing as being particularly strong. people have got to get an education to get into, i think, white collar or extremely skilled blue collar work. but might i add -- sorry, electricians get $100 an hour. so if you want to, if you have the skills to work in skilled manufacturing, you could be an electrician too.
9:57 am
jenna: so no manufacturing jobs to valencia, california, although it's a nice place as you've told us. >> very nice place. jenna: quick question from carl. he was taking a look at the $16.5 trillion debt, and his question was what's really sustainable? what number are we really shooting for here when it comes to the debt in this country, ben in. >> well, we don't know. we have a debt which is equal to 100% of our gross domestic product which is the total output of the united states in the most recent year. of japan has a total debt which is 240% which is that's 2.4 times their gross domestic product, and they're very far from being bankrupt. so there's quite a long way we can go before we're bankrupt, but it's a discouraging situation. the government can just spend and spend and spend without any regard to how much is coming in. that's really a sign of extreme indices palin, and if we did it as families, we would be broke very quickly. jenna: we don't want that. >> no. jenna: ben, great to see you.
9:58 am
>> always a pleasure to be here. thank you. jenna: thanks, ben. we'll be right back with more "happening now."
9:59 am
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